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Developing Webapps for Firefox OS

The following slides are available in this presentation:

Developing Webapps for Firefox OS

The Efficient & Simplistic Approach

Robert Kaiser, "KaiRo" <>
Project Manager, Mozilla QA
Sayak Sarkar
Mozilla Reps Mentor, India


What is a Web App?

App Manifest

  "name": "Lantea Maps",
  "description": "Display maps and record (GPS) tracks of your location.",
  "launch_path": "/index.html",
  "appcache_path": "/manifest.appcache",
  "permissions": {
    "storage": {
      "description": "Required for saving settings, tracks, and the tile cache."
    "geolocation": {
      "description": "Required record tracks."
  "developer": {
    "name": "Robert Kaiser",
    "url": ""
  "icons": {
    "16": "/style/lanteaIcon16.png",
    "32": "/style/lanteaIcon32.png",
    "64": "/style/lanteaIcon64.png",
    "128": "/style/lanteaIcon128.png"

Best Practices for Development

When writing, think of later maintenance:

Best Practices for Development

How should code look like when you want to write a patch?

Be Careful with Libraries

Be Careful with Libraries

Web App Development Tools

Firefox DevTools

App Manager - and more!


Firefox OS - Be The Future