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In-Tab UI

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In-Tab (In-Content) UI

Robert Kaiser, "KaiRo" <>
Mozilla contributor, add-on developer, SeaMonkey coordinator


  • Created for Mozilla Developer Room at FOSDEM 2011 in Brussels.
  • Written with in HTML 5 with CSS 3 and JavaScript.
  • Navigation with links on all slides, with accesskeys (e.g. "n"/Alt+Shift+N for "next") or back/forward keys
  • Table of Contents
  • Licensed under CC-BY-SA, 02/2011 Robert Kaiser

Basic Description

Current State

Add-ons manager

Plans: Preferences

Stephen Horlander, June 2010: preferences among targets - mockup:
Win7 Network Preference Mockup

Plans: Tentative

Stephen's blog post and in-content page design wiki page go further: Non-goal: "Redesign all windows and panels" tracking bugs: bug 584942

Tahoe Data Manager

Tahoe Data Manager

Jökulsárlón Download Manager

Jökulsárlón Download Manager Mandelbrot Mandelbrot


Let's take a look at some currently working examples of in-tab UI!

Open Discussion

Thanks for your attention!

We should have some time for discussion now.
  • Any open questions?
  • Any unmentioned issues?
  • Anything I forgot to mention?